How do I keep my jewellery clean?
- To ensure your jewellery is preserved well, we recommend keeping it in the provided jewellery pouches that you receive in each purchase. It's not good to leave the jewellery out in plain sight as the air can make it dirty. You should always remove your jewellery before applying any chemical products such as colognes or perfume. If the jewellery gets unexpectedly dirty you can use a soft bristled brush and soap to gently clean your jewellery.
How long does shipping take?
- Shipping will depend on your location, if you are shopping within the UK, the shipping will vary from 3-5 working days with regular shipping, however we do have additional shipping options that are available upon request. If you are shopping outside of the UK, the shipping may take longer than usual, however we offer plenty of shipping options that can speed up the process with an additional cost. Please note that this is the shipping time not production time, once your order is placed, we begin hand crafting your jewellery, once it's hand crafted, it will be shipped.
How long does production take?
We usually average 2 weeks to hand craft your jewellery, so once your order is placed, we will begin creating your piece, please allow up to 4-8 weeks for your order to arrive, time may vary depending on location.
Do you use real diamonds for your jewellery? 
- The jewellery we have on sale is crafted with our 'Flawless Lab Diamonds', these diamonds are synthetic, and the provide the best shine, and highest quality on the market.
Do you use real gold for your jewellery?
- The jewellery we have on sale is plated with real gold, we make sure to use the highest grade plating available, to ensure the best look and durability on our products.
How long does it take for a custom to arrive?
- Customs take longer than most orders, as they have to be designed on a computer, moulded, produced, and then each stone has to be hand set onto the piece of jewellery. We offer the highest level of handcrafting on the market, therefore the pieces can take up to 8 weeks to be produced, however our team works as efficiently as possible, therefore we insure quick product delivery.
Do you have a refunds policy?
- We have a strict no refund policy & no warranty policy, however we ensure that before the product is sent out, it goes through a quality check, to ensure no stones are missing, and that there are no imperfections on the piece of jewellery. 
How long does it take for my order to come?
- The order can take time to be delivered, depending on what product is chosen, most products go through the manufacturing process as soon as the payment is processed, therefore the time of arrival may be longer than expected.
In rare cases the product may not be the right size which will mean it has to be adjusted, in these cases please allow up to 4-8 weeks for the process of adjusting the jewellery to the desired sizing.
Where can I see your privacy policy?
- You can access our privacy policy by clicking here.